Town of Westford

Our towns’ official website is located at    : .  You can locate the towns’ newsletters online as well as a bunch of other neat stuff.  Read up on town ordinances,  fill out online permits, check up on the trash collection schedule,  or even download some neat maps showing the trails in town. 

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Vermont Statues Online

For all you wanna-be lawyers, here’s a fun site.  Check out the Vermont Legislature’s website to find a complete listing of the State of Vermont Statues. 

Westford Dog Warden Blogspot

This blogsite is a daily record of all the dogs reported  Lost or Found to the Westford Dog Warden.  You can also find information on dogs currently looking for a new home

Chittendon County Humane Society

Whenever the Westford Dog Warden is placed in the situation of having to assume control of a lost or abandoned dog, we give the humane society a call.  They take in 1,500 animals annually and, barring severe physical or behavioral issues, they are committed to housing and caring for their animals until a new home is found.

Pinebrook Kennels

A family owned kennel located in Milton, offering the services of a Licensed Vet Tech 24/7, heated runs, daily exercise, and the knowledge of over 20 years of dog training experience.  The kennel also offers in-house behavioral/training adjustments for problem/potentially aggressive dogs. 

Campagnola Farms

Looking for farm-fresh egs from free ranging chickens?  Or how about some delicious chicken to eat, free from any hormones or steroids.  Our birds are ALL FREE RANGE,  totally cage free, and processed onsite. 

Farmers Market on the Westford Green

We are all quite proud of the towns’ Farmers Market, where customers can purchase everything from a bottle of wine made from Vermont grown grapes, a take-out meal, soaps, artwork, jewelry, and of course, the freshest fruits and vegetables available.  Come and visit us today! 


In 1866, the ASPCA was the first humane society founded in America to alleviate the injustices animals faced.


Are you looking to add a new pet to your family?  Before you do anything, check out  Here you can easily look through all the pets currently looking for a new home from a host of shelters around the country. 

Westford Front Porch Forum

The forum is open to all those living in the town of Westford. It’s free and requires no work what-so-ever.  Simply join and receive occasional emails written by your neighbors.  Contribute messages as you like, it’s all about helping neighbors connect online.