The Westford pound

     As Dog Warden, I have been placed into the position of “Judge, Jury and Possible Executioner” for some dogs.  This is a grave responsibility which I do not take lightly.  I am  limited in the amount of time I can care for dog while receiving town funds, and the facilities available to me. 

     I took this position in the hope of being able to give some dogs a second chance at life.  I dread the prospect of having to put down any dog, and I hope to do everything possible to avoid that situation. 

     I created a blog site at where residents can easily access the latest info on Lost/Found dogs.  I also keep running logs on formerly impounded dogs who are now my responsibility.   Many Residents have generously donated supplies and equipment to me, in this effort to help out these down on their luck dogs, and I want to give my sincere thanks to one and all! 

My personal philosophy and conviction

    Thanks to all those, who have donated supplies and equipment to the Westford Pound. 



· Pinebrook Kennels :   My thanks to Chris, an excellent dog trainer with a great deal of experience handling dogs “with attitude”! 

· Peregrine Outfitters, Williston:  Peregrine, Diana Johnson and Jay Morgan.  Their generous donation of  dog gear is extremely welcomed! 

· John “fletch109.geo”,  who made a donation of dog  food to the pound.





     Would you like to see a listing of all the dogs (and sometimes cats, barnyard animals, etc.) currently waiting for their “Forever Homes”?  You can find a complete listing of our animals at  You can access our dogs photo’s, video’s along with a complete description of their personalities at Petfinder.  Please take a moment to view our guys/gals.  If you can’t adopt a pet, perhaps you can help out by making a donation of some pet supplies or food?  Everything and Anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated. 


     Please remember that the town only provides financial support for dogs held for only the first 7-10 days, after which all expenses are paid out of my own pocket! 


To view our Petfinder Homepage, go to


     To view all the pets currently awaiting a home, go to


Procedures for Adopting


     All applicants must fill out an application to adopt before being able to take a dog/cat home.  You may use the following options: 


     Download a MS Windows 2003 document.  Fill it out, and email back to the Westford Dog Warden:


    Download a PDF file you an print out, then mail to: 

Town of Westford

Re:  Mary Campi  Dog Warden

1713 Vermont Route 128

Westford, VT  05494


Donation Requests


At the time of adoption, the Westford Dog Pound will make a request for a donation, to help cover the costs involved in feeding/vet costs.  A suggested amount will made, however this is only a request.  The adoptees may decide give more, less, or nothing at all, the choice is theirs to make.