The Westford Dog Warden & Impoundment facility

     The function of a Dog Warden is to enforce the “Westford Dog Ordinances” which covers the licensing of dogs, dealing with any disturbances or nuisances, and the impoundment and disposition of unclaimed dogs.  The Warden is also responsible for prosecuting any  violations to the State of Vermont’s Cruelty to Animals Statutes. 

     The purpose of this website is to translate the Westford Dog Ordinances into plain English, which can be easily understood by anyone. 

     All Complaints about dogs must be received in writing prior to any action being taken by the Dog Warden.  Complaints may be mailed to the Town Office or emailed to the town office at, or to me directly at  You may also wish to call in the complaint beforehand, especially if it involves incidents with aggressive dogs.  All complaints should include the dogs name as well as the owners (if known) , the date and location of the incident, any injuries, the name and address of the person making the complaint and the name and address of the victim if different. 

     In addition to complaints, the Dog Warden also accepts calls involving LOST DOGS, as well as FOUND DOGS.  A blogsite is available, detailing the latest missing/found dog news in town, at  And Lastly, the Warden will attempt to locate new homes for those dogs who no longer have homes. 

Town of Westford

Re:  Mary Campi  Dog Warden

1713 Vermont Route 128

Westford, VT  05494

802-878-4587  (Town Office)

802-879-6503 (Fax)


To contact us:

Cell Phone: 802-752-7311


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It is highly recommended that ALL DOGS wear some sort of I.D. on their collar.  A rabies tag, a license tag or a personalized doggie tag.  One such example is from  a company called “LUCKYPET”.  (


For a one-time fee, you receive a personalized tag with your dogs name, your address, phone # and the company’s 800 #, where your dog is registered in their database.  


At this point in time,  I do not recommend the internal ID chips since not every location in VT is equipped to read all the types of types of chips out there.